Sports Organisation Managers and Board Members

Does “Event Management” hold pride of place in your sports organisation?

Are you responsible for occasionally hosting tournaments? Or is it part of your core business to run sports competitions? Is it a main focus, or is it just one of the many services your organisation performs?

Regardless of your answers to the above, how important is it for the draws and results to be managed to a high standard? Does the professionalism of the management and presentation of your draws and results reflect on the esteem of the organisation as a whole?

How important is it for your competition management processes to provide the greatest benefit for the smallest investment of time, money, and headaches?

Would you reject approaches that are too manual, or too piecemeal? Would you instead see the advantages of an integrated system that provides power in all aspects: draws and results and communication?

The primary aim of the SportsRunner system is to provide a toolbox that can be used to achieve:

  • Time savings
  • Error reduction
  • Reduction of duplication of effort
  • Attractive and professional presentation of information

Refer to the Choosing Sports Draws Software page, for an outline of the key considerations in your decision making process.

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