What costs are involved?

Please refer to the Pricing page.

What help can I expect?

Please refer to the Training and Services page.

Can I see SportsRunner in action?

Absolutely. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation demonstration of SportsRunner, eiher in person or via Skype.

What types of competitions does SportsRunner manage?

SportsRunner draws and results functions are for team sports. Round robin competitions, pool play tournaments, and elimination tournaments, are supported.

Is SportsRunner suitable for non-team sports?

No. Competitions that are normally conducted on the basis of individual performance, such as athletics and swimming, are not catered for by SportsRunner.

On the other hand, some individual sports, such as tennis and golf, are suitable for SportsRunner where they are conducted within the context of knockout or round robin competitions.

What if SportsRunner doesn’t do everything we want?

As a SportsRunner client, you are authorised to request modifications or enhancements to the software. Please refer to the Customised Solution page.

Our organisation only runs a small number of competitions. Isn’t it ‘overkill’ to use a powerful system like SportsRunner?

By the way, we have special pricing for small organisations.

The value of SportsRunner derives from 2 aspects:

  • The automation of the management of draws and results, bringing time savings and error prevention
  • The consistent, efficient communication of your draws and results information to those that need it, bringing many benefits

It is true that generating draws, and handling results, is simpler for a smaller number of grades and teams.  No matter how small, though, SportsRunner will still make it significantly easier for you.

But probably the biggest advantage will be in the communication aspect – the attractive presentation of your draws and results; the ease of getting these to your website and teams, or to the newspaper; the convenience of alterations by text message; and so on.

What type of computer do we need?

SportsRunner is provided as a hosted “Software as a Service”, via your internet connection. You are given a user account with login, and you can access it from practically any computer or mobile device.

Can we have more than one person using SportsRunner at the same time? Even if the users are in different locations?

Yes, and Yes. Please contact us to discuss the options for your circumstances.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please email us at support@sportsrunner.nz