We have been with Steve and SportsRunner now for 18 months, and has improved the efficiency with which we create draws, results and send this information to our teams. Having large leagues with over 70 teams this system, it is great for putting teams into divisions, creating a draw with finals, uploading results and communicating to our teams. The extra features like the setting where certain teams don’t clash, removing old draws and replacing with new data and maintaining an accurate database are great features.
– Shane Gillum, Bay Venues

After taking on a touch module with over 60 teams, I was dreading doing the draws and results, but SportsRunner made it super easy.  We were fully supported through the implementation, Steve had us up and running quickly and perfectly. Changing things around was never an issue and no matter what difficulty I ran in to, SportsRunner had the solution. It seems that whatever I want, SportsRunner have already thought of it. When needed, the support has been fast and efficient.  Apart from how easy it has made my job, I really like the different way our users can view the draws and results, and the venue usage report makes it easy for our field management and referee allocations. I can’t imagine what running our module would be like without SportsRunner.
– Roxanne Mulvaney, Kaipara Touch


SportsRunner plays a vital role in our day to day operations here at Kolmar. Given that we are a shared multisport facility with 13 different user clubs, it is essential we have an easy, user friendly and reliable booking system in place to ensure no double bookings take place. Steve and the team have worked very closely with us over the years to ensure that the system is completely designed around our facilities’ needs and are always able to find the perfect solution to any issues we are facing.
The draws and results features is a great addition to the package for us, and ensure our tournaments and summer sport modules always run seamlessly.
– Nikki Smith, Kolmar


Get SportsRunner!!! Steve is great to deal with, the product is fantastic and logical to use. Steve is receptive to suggestions for future developments and supportive of us during our ‘needy’ times.
– Michael Wilson, Koru Games


SportsRunner is a very extensive, user-friendly draw package. It has made compiling draws and results and producing reports for users easy and simple to use. At the touch of a button you can upload everything to a website. It streamlines what can be an exhaustive process. Steve is an amazing point of contact and offers fantastic support. I certainly would recommend Steve and this package to anyone. 
– Penny Martin, SISS Junior Netball


This system has now germinated and grown into a very significant and total sports management package that has revolutionized the delivery of sport, not only to our member schools, but to other major sporting organisations across New Zealand. The process by which this product has developed is in no small way due to Steve Schapel’s outstanding technical knowledge of building data base systems, his client liaison and consultation, and most importantly his guarantee to deliver the services and functionalities required. I have absolutely no reservation or prejudice in recommending SportsRunner to any potential client or investor. You will not be disappointed.
– John Hornal, Executive Director, College Sport Wellington


Having used various versions of Steve Schapel’s competitions databases over several years, I have seen these programs develop from year to year. The current program, SportsRunner, is superb and ideally suited to the needs of Wellington Rugby. The capabilities of the program are exactly what is required when it comes to the needs of a winter sport that experiences alterations and cancellations week in, week out, not to mention the flexibility it has to work with other organisations as the WRFU do with College Sport Wellington. SportsRunner is a front runner in the field of sports databases, coming out with the text message cancellations before many of the other organisations that we see advertising now. When compared to other database programs around, its hard to go past SportRunner.
– Craig MacFarlane, Club Rugby Administrator, Wellington Rugby


SportsRunner is an absolutely wonderful system to work with. The professionalism and service are outstanding. The system itself helped make a difficult job easy, and allowed us to provide a level of service to our clubs that would not have otherwise been possible.
– Lance Grainger, Hutt Valley Softball Association

It goes without saying after doing a manual draw for so long, putting it in the SportsRunner system was easier, and a draw can be produced in minutes. The beauty of SportsRunner is you cannot get it wrong – the person inputting is the key. Our membership liked the draws, and it was updated to the website at the same time. For the media, we are able to produce results and hit deadlines without being in the office till 8pm. WSA fully endorses this product.
– Moana Pointon, Drawmaster, Wellington Softball Association

SportsRunner has provided us with an extremely efficient and flexible software package. It has saved us time and improved the standard of professionalism with which we deliver cricket to our stakeholders. Our clubs and players are extremely happy with the system, as are we. The ability to add to and improve the system makes it a very attractive long term package.
– Iain Laxon, Club Cricket Administrator, Auckland Cricket Association


SportsRunner is an outstanding tool for sports administration. It has saved me 70% of time on compiling draws and results, and improved accuracy to 100%. SportsRunner is a very user friendly, and the software has some great functionality, from SMS texting to creating of pdf files of sports draws. I would highly recommend this software to any sports administrator.
– Doug McSweeney, Assistant Manager Operations, Canterbury Cricket