Choosing Sports Draws Software

Running sports competitions is a complex and time-consuming task.  Sports administrators often seek to improve their organisational effectiveness.

As part of this quest, organisations may be considering acquiring or upgrading competition management software.  This is an important step, which requires careful deliberation.

One aspect of the decision is that in many cases, those responsible for policy and purchasing are not the ones who actually do the hands-on work of running the competitions.

So, what are the main factors that should be considered?  Here are a few:


  • Level
    The requirements for international representative tournaments are different from those relating to school sports.  Where do your competitions sit?
    SportsRunner is aimed at a range of levels, encompassing amateur sport at the junior, secondary school, inter-club, and representative tournament scenarios.
  • Scope
    What sports codes are you involved with, and is the software applicable?
    SportsRunner manages team sport competitions, and is suitable for vurtually all team sports codes. It is not applicable to individual pursuit competitions such as swimming and athletics.
  • Cost
    Is the system affordable and the pricing fair?
    How does the cost weigh up against the value of the time savings and other advantages?
    SportsRunner pricing is flexible, based on usage options.  In the context of the extensive features, and the quality of service, charges are very moderate.
  • Benefits
    In what ways will the system improve your operations?
    Which aspects are most important to you?
    The emphasis of SportsRunner is on time savings, error reduction, avoiding repetition and data duplication, and professional presentation.
  • Product
    Is the software easy to learn and easy to use?
    Does it provide for all required aspects of competition management?
    How flexible is it?
    Can it be customised?
    SportsRunner is a powerful, flexible, and richly featured system, which requires some familiarisation in order to use it to its best advantage.  Nevertheless, most users assess the programme as logical and user-friendly.  The product is under constant on-going development in response to user input.
  • Reputation
    Is the company and the product well established and well regarded?
    SportsRunner has stood the test of time.  Having provided competition management solutions for more than 25 years, and with a number of long-term customers who are happy to vouch for  the quality product and service received, it can firmly claim to be a reputable industry leader.
  • Support
    What help is available to make sure users get optimised benefits from the system?
    New SportsRunner users are given direct personal help and training to get started with all stages of managing their first draws and results.  Responsive expert help-desk support is then provided whenever needed.  A user guide and some instructional videos are also available.

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