Match Notes for School Draws & Results Web Page

We are very happy to release a new feature for the school sport draws & results web page that we presently provide for the websites of over 50 schools around NZ.

You can now add your own match-related information to be shown on the draws on this web page.

Examples of the kinds of information you might want to include:

  • transport arrangements for how the players will get to the game
  • uniform or equipment reminders
  • inter-grade duty or refereeing arrangements
  • etc.

We hope schools will feel this new feature will add to the usefulness of the site, and will help make their sports administration more efficient.

Here is a brief video that explains how to use this new feature.

  • In your web browser, go to
  • Enter your ‘User Code’ (which we will give you), and click ‘Log on’.
  • After the app loads, click ‘Draws’.
  • Select a ‘Sport’ from the drop-down list. You should see all games that involve one of your teams during the following week.
  • You can enter anything you want in the ‘Note’ column for any applicable games.
  • Repeat above steps for all other sports.
  • Click blue globe button towards top right, to upload your changes to the website.
  • Click ‘Exit’ to close app and log out.