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Hutt Water Polo Club

Hutt Water Polo Club is based just north of Wellington in Lower Hutt using Naenae Pool as its venue.

They are a busy, progressive club encouraging participation at all age groups while fostering an environment for the highest level of competition and personal sporting achievement. The Hutt Water Polo Club is the largest water polo club in the Wellington Region.

Kathy Bryant (Honorary Treasurer & Register) explains that apart from NZWP or WWPB competitions, the main competition they run is the schools competition, which runs weekly during Terms 2 & 3 each year. This competition has been held annually for at least 20 years. It has primary, intermediate, junior secondary, and senior secondary school divisions, and attracts teams from Kapiti and Wellington as well as the Hutt Valley.

Normally they have at least 3 different grades of primary school and intermediate teams. In 2018 they had 55 teams in total, with over 550 competitors, but they have had up to 80 teams compete in previous years.

Prior to beginning to use the SportsRunner software over 7 years ago, Hutt Water Polo did everything by hand for the draws and results. They did everything on bits of paper, so it was easy to make errors.
Kathy says that “SportsRunner has made it so much quicker to complete the draws. We probably don’t use it to its full benefit, but this year we have started including the referees into the draws as well”.

Kathy goes on to say:
“The things I love about using SportsRunner are:
– It has saved a lot of time in creating the draws.
– It has significantly reduced the chances of errors (court double ups or time clashes etc)
– It is easy to email out the seasons draw to schools/coaches etc. They love getting the whole seasons draw ahead of time and not just from week to week.
– It is easy to communicate to our teams via the email function.
– Results and points tables are easily updated and easy for teams to look up and find on our website.
– Parents can easily check the draw on our website.
– The different formats of printouts of the draws etc that you get are handy for us (by time, or by venue etc)”.

SportsRunner is part of the SportsNow group.

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